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Tips and Information for Shrewsburys Outdoor cinema at Shrewsbury College Group

Important Information about our Film festival open air cinema in Shrewsbury

Right here we go, first of all. Like our fb page as we do updates about event on there.


When you arrive at the College , look for signs saying sports centre, turn in there and your be met with some gates, these are automatic as you drive slowly up to them. When your in follow the road down and around some buildings where you will see another car park and the event.

Film times

We open at 6:30pm for evenings and 1230 for the day screenings NOT before. (Excluding Sunday, their timings are 530pm - 830pm) You can arrive earlier and sit in your camping chair whilst in the queue, that’s fine.

Each Film below is the start time of the film, this is what time it will commence.

Bohemian rhapsody 8pm film start

Harry Potter 2pm film start

Mamma Mia 8pm film start

Lion King 2pm film start

Pretty Woman 630pm film start


-6:30pm - 10:15pm -Bohemian Rhapsody (12A)


-12:30pm till 4:30pm (early) - Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (PG)

-6:30pm till 10:00pm (late) - Mamma Mia (PG)


-12:30pm till 4:30pm (early) - The Lion King (PG)

-5:30pm till 8:30pm (late) - Pretty Woman (12A)

Please bring warm clothing, blankets and chairs (unless you have brought VIP CHAIRS are NOT provided. Picnics are welcome, as we are only one of the events left that allow picnics and drinks please take your rubbish home.


Please bring your own food and drink OR order in, due to our catering getting covid there will be no food on site.

What to expect ? When you arrive, Music will be playing through the speakers (we will not be having live bands) whilst you sit and chill with your friends and family, the past 2 years or so have been tough, so enjoy some friend/family time in some safe surroundings.

None of the events have sold out (in fact with everything going on in the world we saw a decline in tickets) so there is plenty of space and tickets available on the door. Regardless of the attendance it’s all about you and what you make, this is your time, your moment, your friends, your family, we just provide the atmosphere and film


Like all events, we operate in most weather conditions, only in extreme weather conditions would we cancel/postpone an event, as this is a film festival weekend and we have 5 screenings, if your screening is not up to what you would like i.e overcast weather - you may be able to transfer between events that are not sold out.


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