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The Important Stuff

  • Am I able to bring my own food and drink ?

      Due to every venue having different critera we have to abide to, this may not be possible at every event. Please check the event page for details per location.

  • What happens if it rains?

We use state of the art weather predicting algthorims to plan every event with minimial weather impacts but after all this is Britain. Depending on how severe the weather forecast is we will endevour to contact you 24 hours in advance if we need to reschedule. If no contact has been made assume the event is still on even in light rain. Worse case scnario is the decision is made at 1pm on the day of the event. No-one likes the rain, we always say that we don’t expect you guys to go through something we wouldn’t do ourselves, snuggling up under the umbrella isn’t all that bad. If it is raining and we are continuing then there may be a chance to transfer your ticket to another screening of your choice.

  • Can I smoke ?

 Smoking is allowed at most of our outdoor venues however consideration for others is required. Smoking should be done to the side or the back areas of the venue. You will be notified at the event if it has a no smoking policy.

  • Is this a family event? Are children allowed? 

Each screening has different film certificates. We must adhere to these at all costs. If your child is old enough to watch the film then by all means they are more than welcome. Please check the film certificate before arrival. We don't want you to be disappointed if we refuse you entry. Under 3s are free and do not require a ticket.

  • Will there be Toilets ?

There will be toilets at all events. These might be portable or fixed. Please check on locations page of event if disabled access supported.

  • What happens if I forget my ticket ?

 Your ticket is emailed to you as an Eticket soon after you've purchased it. It can be printed or screenshotted to be handed to the team on the gates. If you can't obtain the tickets for any reason identification will be required to match you to our system. Passport or driving license is preferred.

  • What time does the event open ? Is there entertainment before hand ? Film start?

Each event is different so pleace check times on tickets. We aim to open 2 hours before the film showing. Entertainment varies betwen each event so please check on event page. The film WILL NOT start until at LEAST sunset has passed, as all projectors don’t work in natural daylight. Unless stated that the film time is earlier then it will be using our LED screen to show the movie on.

  • What do I need to bring ?

Yourself is a priority , blankets and chairs for you to sit on and be warm and poncho or coat in circumstances of light rain. We do have a limited number of pillows and blankets to hire out. These can be pre booked in advance. please get in touch if required as they do all hire out fast.

  • Can I have a Refund ?

Once the ticket is purchased, we offer refunds up to 2 weeks before the event date. BRAND NEW FOR 2024 : you can now have a refund voucher that can only be used at one of our other cinema events if the weather is not up to your standards, The only exception being if we reschedule the event then a full refund can be obtained.  PLEASE NOTE : Eventbrite fees are Non refundable. 

  • Can we bring pets ?

Due to venues having different policies and some customers having fears/phobias of animals, we've decided its best not to.

  • Which film is better Grease or Dirty Dancing ?

Noooooooo, you cant make us choose, both are amazing. The boss loves his T-Bird jacket but if it comes down to it, he’s all about Dirty Dancing, although he keeps searching for someone to do the lift with him, any offers?

  • Is Seating available ?

Only VIP tickets have seating, every other ticket DOES NOT. You need to bring your foldaway camping chair for example, You are open to the elements so you need to bear this in mind. Sitting on a picnic blanket is fine if the weather is 100% nice through the event.

  • What if I can’t attend ?

If for any reason you can’t attend anytime before 2 weeks before the event, a full refund can be obtained. If it is after this time (within 2 weeks of the event date) you can transfer the ticket to a live event or hold on to it for next year.

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