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As if you need a reason to look forward to the Open Air Cinema in summer 2023, Next summer we’re going BIGGER, we’re going BETTER! Come and join the fun at your local outdoor cinema. Make sure to show your interested to our Facebook events,

 We are so excited to bring summer 2023 to you and in the new year will be announcing our events, and we hope you can join in on the fun. Please refer to the event description for more details, They are going to be memorable event's, don’t miss out on the festivities!


Find a location near you, search the map on the home page here!

Open Air Cinema
Open Air Cinema

Upcoming Events

Film Festivals

We are currently not planning to do these in 2023

Open Air Cinema Experiences 

Northampton - Friday 18th Aug - Dirty Dancing
Norwich - Saturday 19th Aug - Dirty Dancing
Rotherham - Sun 20th August - Top Gun 
Warwick - Saturday 26th august - Grease
Summers over, Want more?

check out our Halloween Screenings

- Wellllll where do we start, Open Air Cinema events are a fully immersive different way to watch your favourite movie.


There is something very different about watching a movie under the night sky, or day, in a different setting surrounded by people doing exactly the same thing and loving it.


Picture it, Dirty Dancing on the big screen, Picnic in front of you, glass of bubbling drink in your hand whatever that may be :) Singing you're hearts out just as the night sky is rolling in, the next minute you're up dancing at the outdoor cinema Gloucester.


There is some variables of course, this is Britain, unlike indoor cinemas where you can control the weather, outside you cant, luckily 95% of summer cinemas are great weather.

Without a shadow of a doubt, most outdoor cinemas will pick musicals for their films, because this is what makes the Open Air Cinemas so unique, can you imagine 1000 people all up and singing and dancing to the last scene in Dirty dancing - IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME


The last scene in Mamma Mia - where she asks “Do you want another one?” the crowd goes wild and answers back yeaahahhhhhhhh"


Honestly we could bore you all day with stories about an Outdoor cinema, but its definitely one of the things you have to try, but don’t take our word for it, we don’t hide our reviews, they are front and centre of our Facebook pages and google reviews as well, over 2000 reviews to read from


Now stop reading and get BOOKING, you WONT regret it.

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