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Ready to take your Corporate event to the next level?

We have everything here to make that happen, you give us an idea and we will make it an awesome memory for you. Short on ideas - no problem. Imagine this, your work place has access to a film festival arena and so much more or less, If you need a day or a weekend, we can arrange and accommodate.

Your day/days will consist of (here is just a few ideas

  • a working lunch

  • a presentation using the HUGE Screen

  • an awards ceremony for those star of the week awards

  • Can you imagine a Mamma Mia themed day, all the men in flares

  • A gladiator style inflatable assault course

  • of course a blockbuster film

  • other activities around the arena

  • and lots lots more ideas...

Now, we know this isn’t your ordinary team building exercise, especially as its outside, but if you don’t want to take that chance, for a few more pennies you can hire a big top and do it all in there. This corporate hire isn’t for the average Joe, the hire cost starts from £10000 plus vat. but if its something your company is looking at, GET IN TOUCH


Film Festival - this can include your location or one of our locations around the UK

Prison Package - this is limited to 2 prisons around the UK 

Every package is different, every package is unique, every package is tailored to suit the client.

Outdoor cinema film festival

Our Corporate film festival

in use by the NHS!

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