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+ vat



This is our cheapest garden cinema hire, our cinema in the box consists of us dropping the equipment at your doorstep and you setting up and dressing up your garden how you like.​ This deal requires you to have an extension cable that reaches outside and small table for projector to sit on. If you have a birthday party, get in touch with our partners at party boxes for the perfect bespoke party box

  • Choose indoors or outdoors

  • Easy ties for the screen to secure to almost anything (up to 160 inch) make it as big or as small as you like or your garden allows.

  • Easy instructions for you to follow

  • Dress your garden how you like it

  • We drop this at your door and you drop it off at your local DPD depot the next day for free. We do not set this up.

  • Watch any film in your dvd collection.

  • Included is Festoon lights, projector, blu ray,

       audio, all the cables & spares, 2-3 Blu Rays

garden cinema hire
£500 + vat


Our silver cinema package is hired out for 48 hours which includes all these points...

  • Choose indoors or outdoors

  • Waterproof

  • Various audio options available including silent cinema

  • setup & take down included

  • Any of the extras below are included in this package. 

  • Optional tech support to remain on site


Our Gold  Garden cinema Hire Package consists of us setting up the garden cinema, remaining on site to operate it and packing it down after.

  • Choose indoors or outdoors (If you have a big enough indoor space)

  • Choose the LED screen or projection screens up to 8m wide

  • 10 Deckchairs & 10 Beanbags are included 

  • Full set up and pack down by staff

  • Staff to remain onsite and operate the cinema

  • Set up 2 hours

  • Extra Available - See below

£1250 + vat


-Set up £40 

-Staff remain on site, set up and pack down £100 

- 9x3m marquee hire, INDOOR CINEMA potential if it rains £150

- 6x3 marquee hire £99

- 4m Bell Tent hire £50 

- 3x3 marquee hire £40 

- 10 deck chair hire £30

- 10 bean bag hire £30 

- Extra nights hire depends on package, starts from £50

- Waterproof mesh for the ground £10

**please note all these can't be shipped and delivery will be us actually coming to deliver the goods**

Please Note:

If you require any extras with the garden cinema hire bronze package i.e black out marquee, most of the extra items CAN’T be shipped and we have to physically bring them to you from our warehouse in Hereford. Which will be quite a bit on delivery and collection.


How does it work?

Once you’re all paid up, we will ship the garden cinema to you on your chosen day, when you get it, simply plug in some wires, tie the screen to your garden surroundings using our ties and then sit back with some popcorn, after your done, sellotape the box back up and drop it off at your local DPD depot using our returns label for FREE.


Does it have to be dark?

The projector favours the dark yes, but head to our social media page and your see we’ve done many kids parties, we just simply stick a marquee over the cloth to get it as dark as possible.


What film can I have?

Its your garden, you can watch whatever you have got on DVD, you can also hook your computer up to it, your sky box, a usb, even an iMac.


How long do I have it for?

Usually the hire is 24 hours, obviously if you want it longer, most of the time we can accommodate. 


How do I hear it?

We use small speakers that pack a punch, so much so that we give you 3 but most people have said 2 is plenty whilst they keep the others on standby.


Is it easy to set up?

We can set it up for a small charge, BUT we’ve made it simple enough that you just plug in some wires, hang the cloth up and away you go.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most of the uk via DPD with the cinema in box, where we have limitations is where a marquee is hired out and other extras like bean bags, each hire is a case by case basis. 

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