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Outdoor Cinema

Welcome to a little slice of culture, nostalgia and cinematic fun! Our truly unique Outdoor Cinema experience offers the opportunity to watch movies alone, as a couple, or with the entire family from the comfort of your own chair, bringing everything but the kitchen sink to make your night, just SPLENDID. 


When we were founded in 2016, it was through the desire to give the film lover exactly what they needed; a place to get cozy, get comfortable, and fall in love with going to the movies, with added little extras —we are sure, when you leave the experience, your be saying that was amazing, when can we do it again. To learn more about our showtimes and scheduling, visit our locations page here.


Without a shadow of a doubt, most outdoor cinemas will pick musicals for their films, because this is what makes the Open Air Cinemas so unique, can you imagine 1000 people all up and singing and dancing to the last scene in Dirty dancing - IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME


The last scene in Mamma Mia - where she asks “Do you want another one?” the crowd goes wild and answers back yeaahahhhhhhhh"

Outdoor Cinema in portsmouth prison screening shawshank redeption
Outdoor Cinema at Thirsk Racecourse
halloween outdoor cinema

Our Outdoor Cinema is different!

​From the classics to the latest releases, prisons showing Shawshank Redpetion to Lidos screening Jaws, we’ve got a lineup built to keep you coming back again and again. Follow us on our Facebook to see the latest list of upcoming movies appearing at our Outdoor Cinema in your area.


If you really fancy an immersive event be sure to keep an eye out for our “once in a lifetime event” these screenings are rare, and may have to drive a while.... BUT SO WORTH IT.


See you for a magical majestic screening soon!

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Open Air Cinema Experiences 

We are currently not planning to do these in 2023


Summers over, Want more?
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