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The outdoor cinema team are really excited to share with you our new bespoke venture. We are starting to hire out Marquees and accessories for every kind of event whether that be cinema nights, wedding events, birthday party, or just that shelter that’s needed last minute or any other kind of special occasion with our long standing reputation of planning and running all kind of AV events you can rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you’re looking for and as an added bonus have the expertise of our AV Technician if required.

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You will have your own personal adviser who will work closely with you to select the right items for you to make sure how you envision it is brought to life. We have a great selection of products to match every person’s taste and every one’s budget. 

Now taking bookings for our 12m x 6m Marquee. Get In Touch Today


This will happen a day or 2 before the event start date (unless agreed other wise) and depending on the size of the marquee, The average sized marquee that goes out is the 12m x 6m and takes a min of 3 hours to build (just for the shell) any extras will take longer.


This will happen a day or 2 after the event finish date (unless agreed other wise) we try and be flexible here as the marquee material cannot be packed away wet, so if we know its raining on the 1 day we will more than likely come the day after, this protects the structure and your venues field also. We also like to wait until afternoon/evening as the structure would of had some time in the sun by the time we pack it away

HIRE Typically 12m x 6m marquee 60 seated/100 standing

(1-3 DAYS) plus vat on all prices

- Marquee only £500 


Marquee lined £280

- Ballast £200


- Coir matting £150

- Carpet £500

LIGHTING (inside marquee)

- Fairy lights £50

- Festoon Lights £100

- Upright lights (All colours) £80


- Marquee Industrial Heater £100 (10 hours fuel)

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