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FREE Outdoor Cinema Hire

Firstly, let me explain a little bit about us. There are two sides to the business, throughout the seasons (mostly summer as the nights are warmer) we hold our Open Air Film and Chill events publicly, this involves us finding our own venues to hold the event and selling our own tickets.


Then you have the private hires where a client hires the cinema from us and holds their own event. For example we have hired out the screen for birthday parties, weddings, Open Air Cinemas etc.

So the interesting part! We have a new deal in place which includes: 

A FREE cinema hire from us. We will put tickets on sale our end, for every ticket that is sold you as the client will receive £1 per ticket (depending on facilities)
We will advertise the event regionally for you. We will supply the screen we think is best depending on which one we think will be most suited to the size of the event (We have 5 screens including an LED Daytime Screen). We also include paying 40% of the film licence. A risk assessment will be provided as well as Public Liability insurance and any other plans we feel are needed for the event. 


You are able to provide your own catering and keep any revenue that comes from this. Also the same with if you are thinking about bringing in a bar. Bringing in your own extras such as popcorn, sweets etc. would be a good idea for the guests. You must provide some volunteers for the event to ensure it runs smoothly!

As with any original outdoor cinema we are restricted by the time we can start showing this is because we need to wait for the natural light to leave the sky. We advise showing the film 10 minutes after sunset to ensure a clear picture on the screen. 


If we were looking to show a film before sunset we do have an LED screen which enables this. Please note: the terms and prices stand at a higher rate for the LED screen.

2 technicians will always be on site to set up and pack down. They will also remain with the equipment at all times. Our set up time is approximately 2 hours. 

Weather: rain will NOT stop us going ahead with the event. (Unless there is a storm occuring) the main issue we would have with the weather is the wind. As the time comes closer to event day we will regularly check the forecast for the wind to check on the speeds of the wind, if this is to high for us we will not be able to go ahead with the event and instead we would contact you in order to reschedule. 


Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

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