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Halloween Outdoor cinema screening of Hocus Pocus at Thirsk Racecourse

It’s nearly here, our screening of Hocus Pocus on the big screen, happening at Thirsk Racecourse, and this is where we tell you all the information that you might need to know.

- First CHECK THE EVENT IS STILL ON - we do send out post and mailers but people do miss them. Halloween is a dodgy time for the weather so there is a chance we might cancel.

- You’ve paid your deposit online DON'T FORGET THE REST OF THE TICKET PRICE thats due on the door, its also cash only. Signal for card machines out in the field are hit and miss.

- What to bring, warm clothing, appropriate footwear, camping chair, warm clothing, snacks and flask if you want, although we will have catering truck.... did we say warm clothing?

- There is an early and a late screening, check which one your attending, car parking is on site, toilets are on site.

Thats it for now, more info can be found on our York cinema home page or our York Facebook page

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