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Hen Party ideas and Outdoor Cinema Plan

Who would have thought... an outdoor cinema into a private party into a HEN PARTY?? 

The days of parties staying out until 2am clubbing and strippers are slowly fading away. I know loads of girl mates that have been to hen parties or weekends away this year and have spent from £70 to £200 per individual. THAT......IS........MENTAL

Now, have any of you been to an Outdoor Cinema where Grease is playing for example. The amount of girl parties we have that are all dress up as pink ladies is amazing and here the Hen Party Package is born.

Last year we did a couple of private hires that were for Hens and Stags and just private parties. Now I personally didn’t think this would work but how wrong was I and now I can see why it does.

Lets look at why....

  • The cost? To hire the Outdoor Cinema its £1100 + fees. Lets say £1200 (1200 divided by 30 is £40 each, divided by 20 is £60 each) ..... the cost is so low it’s nearly as cheap as a Outdoor Cinema event BUT  your not surrounded by strangers, its all your mates

  • You don’t have to leave your house. Pick whoever has the biggest garden and we will come to you and have different size screens incase you have a smaller garden. After the party just crawl in to bed upstairs.

  • Pick which ever film you want and dress to the theme. Grease - all of you in pink ladies, Top Gun - pilots, Disney film - all princesses. It doesn’t even have to be a film, you can put what you want on the big screen or EVEN watch the full monty or Magic Mike. Choices are endless. 

  • We can go in all weather, rain or shine. You can have a marquee and we can set up outside or even watch it from your back windows.

  • We can put together a package that includes props, champagne, marquees, photo set up.... in fact like most companies we will be open to ideas and our main goal is to make sure all guests have the BEST time. You want a basket or prosecco? You got it. A buffet of food? You got it. A rabbit singing wedding songs ..... ermmm well I can see what’s out there 😀

As summer 2018 is coming up, Now is a great time to seriously give this different unique idea a thought. Just picture this massive outdoor screen in your garden.

Get in contact today.

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