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We are so excited for next summer, we are currently in the stage of putting events live as there confirmed with venues. We are looking at all the films available to us right now and working out whats best. We believe we have something for everyone, you will be singing, you will be dancing, you will be making more memories with us.


For everyone that buys an Outdoor Cinema experience ticket, You can be sure that your money is safe and will be refunded should Covid be an issue. Please note all our events are subject to restrictions before they are signed off.Read more HERE


Still not ready for attending big events yet?, why not have a cinema in a box delivered to your door and recreate your own outdoor fun. Take a look at these deals.

Upcoming Events

Wolverhampton 29th April - 1st May

TBA 6th May - 8th May

Beverley 13th May - 15th May

Warwick 20th May - 22nd May

Peterborough 27th May - 29th May

Hereford 3rd June - 5th June

TBA 10th June - 12th June

Northampton 17th June - 19th June

TBA 24th June - 26th June

Norwich 1st July - 3rd July

TBA 8th July - 10th July

TBA 15th July - 17th July

TBA 22nd July - 24th July

Derby 29th July - 31st July

Shrewsbury 5th August - 7th August

Exeter 12th August - 14th August

Stafford 19th August - 21st August

Gloucseter/Cheltenham 26th August - 28th August

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