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Venue locations for our Outdoor Cinema Experience

Do you know someone that has some land ? Manages a football pitch ? Owns a wedding venue? or even is the event coordinator/Manager for a business.

Are they looking for event ideas ?

look no further than an Outdoor Cinema, during the pandemic Outdoor Cinemas and Drive in Cinemas became very popular due to the event being deemed as a “safe” event. As we are still very much in the pandemic of COVID19, these are continuing to thrive and thats why we need venues.

What we look for is a large space roughly the size of a football field, sufficient car parking/or car parking on the grass next to the event, also we do look at facilities but we can hire these in if needs be.

What you get is a leading outdoor cinema provider coming to your venue and setting up the experience and paying you to be there, we also bring along the customers that, may/or may not know about you. This is a great way to upscale your brand exposure.

Contact us today to start the ball rolling.


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