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Information about the outdoor cinema gloucester at dowty sports club

Right here we go, first of all. Like our fb page we do updates about event on there.

🎬 You can purchase tickets on the door.

🚗 Location

For all those coming the turning off the main road into the club entrance, drive up and park around the club and your see the event.

🍿 Film times

We are running three films over the weekend. Please make note of what time your screening opens and what time your screening starts.

Saturday : The Greatest Showman Event Opens 2:00pm | Film starts 3:00pm (previously sunday but has been moved becasue of poor weather)

Mamma Mia Event Opens 6:00pm | Film starts 7:00pm

Please bring warm clothing, blankets and chairs. Picnics are welcome, as we are only one of the events left that allow picnics and drinks please take your rubbish home.

💺 No seating is provided unless VIP is purchased.

🍱 Food/Drink

There will be limted food catering on saturday from the club house, they will have a full bar and hot drinks.

🎥 What to expect ? When you arrive, Music will be playing through the speakers, whilst you sit and chill with your friends and family, so enjoy some friend/family time in some beautiful surroundings.

🎟 100% money-back guarantee should our events not be able to go ahead. On the day, your ticket can be shown by....Printing it off on paper, (actually don’t, Think of the environment) Use your Smartphone, we need to scan the QR code. If you lose your ticket we will have a master copy on arrival so don't worry.

None of the events have sold out (in fact with everything going on in the world we saw a decline in tickets) so there is plenty of space and tickets available on the door. Regardless of the attendance it’s all about you and what you make, this is your time, your moment, your friends, your family, we just provide the atmosphere and film

⛅ Weather

The event may NOT go ahead in heavy rain or winds. If the event does go ahead in unexpected bad conditions, you may be entitled to transfer your ticket to another event. IF YOU COME PREPARED, YOUR HAVE FUN, If you don’t and it starts raining, and say you have no umbrella or even chairs, your evening will go down hill fast.

Current forecast - Saturday looks amazing most of the day, currently there is a 10% chance of rain as the evening goes on

🚬 Smoking / Vaping is permitted on site but only to the side and back of the event away from other guests.

🗑 Rubbish: please be considerate, please either take your rubbish home or use the bins provided.

🚻 On-site toilets will be available, this is a short 2-3 min walk from the event arena.

⛔️ Intoxicated people won’t be tolerated and will be asked to leave. We want all people to be able to drink, be responsible and have some summer fun.


We encourage you to bring warm clothing, a torch, extra layers, appropriate footwear depending on the weather for that day. Please note: NO BBQs.


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