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Halloween Outdoor Cinema screening of Hocus Pocus in Doncaster

It’s nearly here, our screening of Hocus Pocus on the big screen, happening in Doncaster at Doncaster athletics stadium, and this is where we tell you all the information that you might need to know.


The Sanderson sisters cast their wicked spells in this beloved Halloween flick. Our outdoor cinema provides the perfect ambiance for a memorable night of Halloween fun.

- You’ve paid your deposit online DON'T FORGET THE REST OF THE TICKET PRICE thats due on the door, its also cash only. Signal for card machines out in the field are hit and miss.

🎬 Tickets are £34 for a family ticket (2 adults, 2 kids) £14 for an adult - £9 per child - £4 deposit will be required via eventbrite to secure your place, the rest is due on the entrance that night should the event go ahead.

🎟 Just wanted to let you know that we've got your back when it comes to events. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if something comes up and we can't make it happen, or if the weather is not in your favour. On the day of the event, just bring along your ticket. Save a tree and skip the paper print-out (seriously, let's think about the environment!). Instead, pull it up on your smartphone so we can scan the QR code. And no need to fret if you misplace your ticket – we've got a master copy waiting for you when you arrive. Easy peasy!

Weather: At the time of this being posted, there is 10% chance of rain all evening, So not plain sailing however there is seating in the stands under shelter should you need to sit there. so we’ve got you covered.


98 Stadium Way, Doncaster DN4 5JB

What 3 words locations are below

Film times

An early screening where timings are Event open 5pm Film starts 6pm Film Ends 730pm

Then a LATE screening where timings are Event opens 8pm Film starts 9pm Film ends 1030pm

🚬 If you feel like smoking or vaping, you're more than welcome to do so on site but please try to head to the side or back of the event. We just want to make sure everyone's having a good time and not bothered by smoke. If we are inside you will have to go outside Thanks!

💺 No seating provided

🍱 We’ve got catering sorted out for ya! There will be a catering truck serving hot drinks, chips, burgers etc Of course, if you prefer, you’re also more than welcome to bring your own grub. No worries either way!

🗑 Rubbish: Your all superheros! Let's keep our city sparkling clean! Remember to use the bins provided or take your rubbish home with you. Together, we can save the world! 🌍🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

🚻 On-site toilets will be available.

⛔️ We can't have any boozehounds here! We want everyone to have a good time and sip a little drink', but we also want you all to be smart about it. If you start slurring your words and wobbling around, we might have to kindly ask you to call it a night. So let's have fun, but let's keep our wits about us!


If you're joining us, don't forget to bring some warm clothes, a torch and extra layers. Make sure you have the right footwear for the weather that day too! Oh, and just a heads up, no BBQs allowed. Can you bring a Hot Water bottle HELLLLL YEEES

- There is an early and a late screening, check which one your attending, car parking is on site, toilets are on site.

Thats it for now, more info can be found on our home page on our website cinema home page or our Facebook page

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Outdoor Cinema Hocus Pocus


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