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Exciting Outdoor Cinema at Gloucester

Our Outdoor Cinemas at Gloucester have always been exciting because the crowd at Hempsted Meadows where we hold the events are so wild and crazy. This year was no different.

Open Air Cinema Screen

On the Open Air Cinema this weekend was Mamma Mia on the Saturday and Preeeeeettyy Woman for the Friday.

The Friday night was over cast and said chance of light rain. Which is acceptable for the typical British weather......BUT.......What happened next. We were shocked.

Around the film start time the light rain came, then it turned a little heavier then a lot heavier THEN OMG the heavens opened and it was relentless!

Even our waterproof gear took a hammering, so much so that the rain leaked through onto the iMac that we play the movies from and fried the laptop. lucky we had the spare iMac and the film was back on in 5 mins.


The worse thing about rain was that a few people started leaving and when I said sorry, they were like no no don’t worry you can’t control the weather. Everyone who attended got a discount for the next screening so after some drying of the equipment, we looked forward to Saturday.

drying the equipment

Well Saturday came and I spent all morning drying all the gear trying to save my iMac (massive fail).

Saturday's showing of Mamma Mia couldn’t be so different. The weather was amazing, even some people who attended last nights screening came to this one and we laughed about it and the customers said “I'll mark that off my bucket list”.

Gloucester, we can’t wait to see you again and see what it holds for us again.

Don’t forget if you want to hire this experience then get in touch with us.

Drying all the blankets ready for tonights Open Air Cinema
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