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What is an Open Air Cinema / Pop Up Cinema

Have you ever seen advertised “Open Air Cinema screening Grease” for example and thought to yourself, What is an Open Air Cinema. Look no further, I’m going to explain what it is having set up my business called Open Air Film and Chill.

Picture this, your at your local odeon Cinema settling down to watch the latest box office smash when suddenly the roof disappears all you can see is the stars and the moon. There my friends is your Open Air Cinema.

Ok, I’m joking. However thats what our concept is.

We take everything from an Indoor Cinema and put it in a Field outside, the main thing is the huge screen we need to set up.

Big Open Air Cinema Screens

Now if your asking yourself, Why?

Let me tell you, going to an outdoor cinema is such a different atmosphere. You have nearly always a sold out crowd all wanting to watch the film shown. Being with friends whilst drinking and having food.

The atmosphere created is nothing like your ever experience, watching a movie outside in nature is surprisingly AWESOME. Yes, sometimes we battle with the British weather BUT again, even if there is light rain its so different watching the movie outside in the rain.

Most of the time the weather is right, the film is right, the crowd are fantastic (up and dancing for the last scene in Dirty Dancing) Now to see 100’s & 100’s of people dancing to time of my life is something your never forget.

Right now I’ve gotta go and watch Dirty Dancing because I’ve wrote about it and its got me all excited about it.

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