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3 Things we need to setup our Outdoor Cinema Experience

Firstly, when we approach venues to hire out their land for to setup our Outdoor Cinema Experience. We’ve found that people instantly think......event means trouble. We are going to write this blog to direct potential venues here to read this.

Ive found for whatever reason, We ring and email so many premises and they don’t reply or we speak to them on the phone and as its committee ran. Everyone has to do a whole load of talking to each other about events and nothing gets organised.

What we need..

1) A Field ... this is obvious i hear you say, well it is but i want to get across to you the size we need. We can setup in a field the size of half a football pitch. Thats the Outdoor Screen set up, a few vendors and the customers enjoying the film.

2) Boundaries.... This is super important to us because we bring with us a team to police the outer boundary to protect the customers inside and to stop any unwanted guests that haven’t paid. As you can image having 1-2 entrance/exits is easy to police. Having no boundary that anyone can walk in from any side of the field would be a nightmare.

3) Parking... This is not a major factor as i know from past events people will either get lifts or park somewhere and walk. We have parked cars on the same field as the event which is simple to do depending on the weather that is.

When arranging these events, In most cases we will do everything so you the venue host can just sit back and relax. More often than not most venues want to get actively involved in the event. Which is Great for us, because in an ideal world, I want to focus on ticket sales and the venue can organise the catering as they would take more that way than the hire fee itself.

We take great pride in working with venues, we want this to be a success and fun for everyone. Thats why we want to build on the relationship between us. We also leave the site like you would never know we were there. Contact us if you think you have a suitable venue for your city.

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