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Top Gun on our Open Air Cinema at Open Air Film and Chill festival, Gloucester

Finally, the People of Gloucester get their rescheduled screening of Top Gun on our Open Air Cinema. Due to the horrible weather on the 3rd September Open Air Film and Chill Management decided the best course of action would be to reschedule the screening.

Was it the right call? The organiser (Mo) got festival goers to Snapchat pictures of Gloucester to him that night and after so many pics got sent, he defiantly feels that was the right call. Who would of wanted to sit in the heavy rain and strong winds. Not me!!

Anyway this night was a very special night for us, It was the LAST screening for our Open Air Film and Chill 2016 season and due to the new date it wasn't a full house as many people couldn't make the new date. The night though was amazing, maverick didn't fail to impress the crowd. He requested his flyby and the crowd responded great with many of them wanting to be his Wingman.

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