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Dirty Dancing goes down a storm (literally)

Our last Summer Screening for Hereford this year ended with Dirty Dancing. We've had a great summer of screenings at Colcombe House. We can't thank Kier Rogers enough for letting us use his land to host this event. The event itself was tough conditions for the big screen. There was a mini storm coming across the UK which brought high winds and rains. The rain only came for 10 mins on and off, the wind which was meant to get lighter never seem to give up - so a few more anchors and marshals holding the screen made the night a success in the end. The 5 stars reviews on the FB page backed this up. Until next year where we will have a few of the same films and a few different films. Whats more exciting is that we might have locations for a Halloween & Christmas showings. Exciting times ahead.

Best Quote of the night from me "Making memories in our Memory heads"

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