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Things only got better!

Its the weekend again and this week we are in Okehampton, Devon. We are down here for both nights Friday & Saturday. So Friday we leave our home town at 1:30pm (3 hours travelling) plenty of time to set up. Event starts at 7pm .... We didnt anticipate an accident on the M-way and arriving on site at 6:10pm. We rushed around like anything to get set up only to be told be the food vendor they had cancelled on us. It felt like the whole world was against us BUT we stuck in, we used the venues kitchen and went and brought food from the local supermarket. The customers loved it and we kept them informed every step of the way of what was going on. After the manic 2-3 hours it was good to switch Top Gun on and see everyone happy.

Saturdays film Dirty Dancing, as we were already down there. Everything was set up on time and the night was ace. We even got the crowd involved in a conga dance. Now thats something to be proud of Devon. Thank you to the new vendor for stepping in last minute and thanks to Pavilion in the Park for hosting us. See you again soon.

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