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Our Partners and Charity Work

As with any event and film when there is a large gathering of people., the potential to be seen and heard are HUGE,. So just like a film you go to see in the cinema, you might see some ads before the film and elsewhere around the event. As with partners, well they are not the same as advertisers they are hand picked from the event organiser himself.


When we say the word "Partners" to us that means its a 2 way relationship. As the saying goes "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours” If you think you can work together and would like a chance then please contact us here.

Workwear Embroidered, Exeter-Devon

Workwear Embroidered is the South West’s leading supplier of personalised clothing, supplying not only the South West (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset) but the whole of the UK. Workwear Embroidered produce the highest quality customised clothing, supplying embroidered clothing and printed clothing along with excellent customer service.

Workwear Embroidered is a family run business, with a substantial number of years supplying printed clothing and embroidered clothing, enabling us to bring your design to life

Christmas Children's Ward Screening

Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year, everyone loves christmas, kids the most. Excited to see if the big red man makes an appearance. This year we wanted to give back as always, so we got in touch with a local hospital to see the logistics of bringing a screening of elf to the ward. Before we knew it, we were all set up, with just a couple of days before the big day, we hopefully brought a bit of happiness to the kids who were in hospital through no fault of their own.

Sponsorship towards local american football

We were so proud to be apart of this, we were approached by these and visited the site and loved the passion that is going into it from the organisers. Trying something different is hard and challenging, but the team at Hereford Stampede have got all the energy to push this far, and with a little help from us now have a few more tools to get better at the job. As well as our logo branded on their shirts. We love them being our partners. Their website can be found here 

The Little Princess Trust

Massive effort was put into making this event a success, we had helicopter rides, BBQs, kids games and lots more. It had all the hallmarks of a cute, quirky indoor cinema event. The picture just doesn’t do it justice. We were super happy to be apart of this event, well done to the guys that also did a massive bike ride.

Choral Diversity & The Royal Marsden Charity

A charity close to our heart knowing someone that sadly passed away and supporting TRMC with everything they had. When we got approached by Beth, we literally hit it off and couldn’t stop chatting. She explained that she wanted to make the night special but didn’t quite have the right tools to do the job. We happily worked with her together and put on a memorable night for this christmas choir performance, IT WAS TRULY MAGICAL. 

Supporting Visit Hereford/BFI/Rural Media in Horrorford"

When we were approached by Visit Hereford, we had a constructive meeting about the whole idea of “Horrorford” we loved the concept and gave as much input as possible. Andy from VH worked tirelessly to bring this all together as there was so many working parts. Bringing some relevant films to some proper old school horror in remote locations supported by sponsors and BFI. The pictures that came out were just great and he should be so proud of himself.

Charity Screening for Hereford Courtyard

We always say to our clients GO BIG OR GO HOME, you need to create an immersive, different, unique, quirky event. In early discussions we said to this charity about things they could do and they didn’t fail, through their own connections they managed to get 20 mini's to drive through the city as we were showing the italian job. They really did go the extra mile, the best part was, i always say to clients have a plan B just incase of weather. On the day heavy rained forced us to go indoors and it still looked amazing.

Christmas Screening for FREE inside city Centre


I can’t tell you how much i do, so what better way to show it than do a christmas screening in the middle of the town surrounded by decorations and a HUGE Christmas Tree. I Loved it, The customers loved it..... Excited to do this again sometime.

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