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LED Screen hire for school ptas and private gardens


We really do have a great offer to present. A cheap affordable LED Screen hire.

This is a great opportunity for school pta’s, private houses and even small events. we’ve decided this year to do a COMPLETE turn key solution of our small LED screen ( this screens measures 2.5m wide) This will be a dry hire offer only.

We will - come and give you training on how to use this screen - Give you all the associated cables and gear to run this screen - deliver & collect - and best of all you keep it all weekend.

This screen goes out for £1100 plus vat PER DAY so for the weekend it would be about £2500 plus vat

This offer is £1000 plus vat for Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

Delivery and collection will be made on a Wednesday/Thursday & Monday/tuesday. Part of this offer being so cheap is flexibility on your part for when we can deliver and pick up the screen.

Get in touch today Contact us

Weekends will be limited as this offer will be a hit.


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