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Covid-19 update from Open Air Film and Chill

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Here at Open Air Film & Chill, we take your health and safety seriously and the well-being of the public and our staff is a top priority.

We are closely monitoring the situation of covid-19 and will consider and implement on any updates from the World Health Organisation and Public Health for England and local authorities

The current message is that large gatherings over 500 people outside can at present go ahead (Although we strongly believe this will change soon) Events with 500 or less are ok OUTSIDE, However, We will go one better and at our events, they will be capped at 450 people. If the event does go ahead, we will take proactive steps to ensure what extra measures we can implement, are implemented.

The Covid-19 Pandemic advice is susceptible to change and we at Open air film and chill will comply with any recommendations as we all have to do our part in containing the virus.

Have a read of this article about outdoor events, this is the thoughts of England's deputy chief medical officer. BBC NEWS ARTICLE

This is an ever-evolving situation, and changes daily, if the government was to enforce any restrictions on events, we would of course adhered to all public safety announcements, if an event has to be cancelled, we would where possible try and reschedule the event, but if this is not an option a full refund would be given.

Ticket Holders:

As we get closer to summer season we will know more like if the UK situation is getting better OR its not. We want to reassure you, that if the event gets cancelled or moved, you can have a refund, if you are self isolating you can have a refund. You will not lose out. Out of the majority events in the UK OUTDOOR CINEMAS are the last chance of events as they are outdoors etc. If these for any reasons are not allowed its going to be a LOOOOONNNNNGGG summer stuck indoors with nothing to do.

As the prime minister says, this is the worst event for a decade BUT all evidence points to that it will be short lived. We’re in for a tough ride but we will get through this. Please be assured that you're well being is at the forefront of our minds.


Open Air Film & Chill


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