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The Big Sleepover

It’s all about next year!

Thoughts on this? Early stages yet! This is very much going to change!! Also not sure what city I’m going to do it in, as we have 11 cities and 5 of them are probably big enough to hold this.

We are preparing to take our events to the next level next year!

Herefords Outdoor Cinema

Introducing.... “The Big Sleepover”

The idea is a mini mini festival over 2 nights. The Friday night being a little event arena with some acts to keep you entertained through the evening then the night is the big sleepover

Friday morning - Guests arrive & get settled.

3pm - 6pm music & chilled out vibes in front of a stage

7pm - LATE —— A SILENT DISCO——— still in front of the stage

Late - Early Morning campers try and sleep 😴

- Sleepovers with friends – midnight snacks under the covers, pillow fights, talking after lights out, scary stories and secrets – remember them good times

Saturday daytime - were not sure about this at the moment, maybe a more family angle through the day.

Saturday evening - will be the choice of 2-3 Open Air Cinema screen with effects (maybe Horror, musical, blockbuster smash for example)

You can then choose to camp over on Saturday evening as well as most people do have a drink at the cinema event or go back home.

Keep posted to your local fb page!

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