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Outdoor Cinema inside a Barn

Not something you hear everyday, Outdoor Cinema going inside a barn. well let me tell you this just worked. After weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of hot UK weather, the rain had to come sooner or later.

The plans were in place for all this to be outside but when a heavy rain front was moving in, we had to act and came up with PLAN B.

I had already visited the site and talked logistics with the client but on the day when the decision was made to go inside, us as well as the vendors and organisers had to pull it out of the bag.

I think whatever we did, the customers would of been grateful because at least they were DRY, whilst we were inside the barn, it rained heavy and didn’t stop all night.

The result was a cute, quirky, rustic kinda looking event that just went down a storm (literally)

Customers inside barn for Outdoor Cinema

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