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Outdoor Cinema is our new name

When we started way back in 2016, we thought that Open Air Film & Chill was a cool name (we still think it is) however fast forward a couple of years and we’ve come to realise that 1) when people ring us up they NEVER get the name right 2) search engines do NOT like it at all and 3) well too many people were calling us Netflix and chill.

Moving on, we have now rebranded the company to “Outdoor Cinema” does exactly what it says on the tin. When people ring up now and say “Is this the Outdoor Cinema ? we can say “yes it is how can we help” knowing thats what its called, rather then 30 seconds of company name education :)

black cinema ticket with the words outdoor cinema under it, and the words one big day under that
Outdoor cinema new logo

We love our history, don’t get us wrong, its just a good time to move forward and bring something new and fresh to our exciting summer 2022 schedule.


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