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Which Films work best on an Open Air Cinema?

Now, film fans of England, lets sort this once and for all. Which film works best on an Open Air Cinema. I want your comments and thoughts. I have to say though your probably not going to like my answer, but, i like you, fall into the minority of customers and not the majority.

Where i would love to see one of my favs up there like Blackhawk down or 3 hours of the green mile or fast and furious. I could go on.

For any men reading this, I’m sorry. Im not going to beat around the bush the number 1 film for us in 2016 was Dirty Dancing


Followed by Grease, Top Gun, Mamma Mia etc.

Heres why, Most of these movie titles are musicals and feel good films. You come along to the event knowing that - your going to walk away smiling and all happy feeling like you’ve won the euros (and if your with your partner your probably going to say them words “i Love you”) ... That reminds me.

Anyway, Because thats just the type of environment it is - Sandy gets her man & Baby wasn’t stuck in the corner all night and maverick... well he always gets the ladies.

Our statistics from last years events showed us that at most of our screenings (that sell out of 500 customers) 84% of customers were female and the rest guys. I personally think unless your asked to go by your partner, you wouldn’t see any guys here. Top Gun was a good mix BUT girls still did dominate.

Why? I hear you say, "Well put on a lads film!" So one year, Through process of elimination we screened the chosen title Bad Boys with will smith because lots of guys mailed us about this subject.

Our Statistics from this event was that only 160 tickets sold and 60% were female and 40% guys. So there was a little difference. Maybe guys just want to drink beer and watch football.

I know when bars and clubs screen big matches its normally packed with guys.

So I’m interested, What are your thoughts?

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